Sunday, October 14, 2012

Procrastination...I'll Get Back to You!

 I originally posted this as an email, but thought I'd share...

Procrastination is not a smart thing. You’d think I’d learn. I planned to write this yesterday, but other things got in the way—not more important things, just stuff that I erroneously decided needed to be completed first.  
Guess it served me right that when I sat down this morning to compose and send this note, the power winked out. 
I heard sirens, so my guess is something slammed into a power pole.
As many of you know, I publish a blog. If you’re not familiar with it, take a look at  On average, I post a new blog once a month. For me, the process is like mining. You sift through a lot of material before you find something of value, then it needs to be shaped and polished before it can be presented to readers, who are themselves miners, looking for gems that may amuse, educate, or entertain them.  
I tend to gravitate toward amuse and/or entertain.
The only way I know if I hit the target is when someone lets me know.
Most readers are as swamped as the rest of us, and don’t have time to comment, or they’re like me and think that they’ll write something later and don’t get around to it.
Lee Hayward is a good friend, whom I first met when I worked at Malibu Grand Prix. In 2004, as a tribute to his mother, he wrote and published a remarkable book entitled “Six Months to Say Goodbye.” It’s available in paperback through Amazon.
He now resides, as he puts it, “across the pond” (a charming British accent pinpoints the location). I recently found an email from Lee in my inbox.

“Did you know, yours is one of the few blogs I have read with any consistency.
I like it because of your humor, your humanity behind it and you speak from your heart.
Keep it going my friend, I need the laughter.”

I don’t think Lee’s alone. It feels like we could all use a bit more laughter in our lives these days.
I’ll take my friend’s request to heart and keep going. Hopefully I can bring a bit more laughter into our world. Seems to me, I could do a lot worse.

Thanks, as always, for taking the time.
~ Keith

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  1. OK, this was in October, buddy! Still procrastinating? Me, too! Hard to pick which thing is the most important ... Keep writing!